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i will only say this once, because i'm so passionate about this i probably can't even talk to you in person about it - i may appear rude or judgemental, and that is absolutely not right of me.

as your blogger friend, as a fellow citizen, i IMPLORE you to not only vote, but to be informed about the consequences of your choices.

for example:

if the proposition you're voting for requires money, where will it come from? and should we be spending money on it when our state budget, and indeed the national economy, is in such disarray?

is what you are voting for simply a good idea, or something that is SO NECESSARY we should pursue it despite the challenges our state already faces?

do you know how the person you are considering voting for has voted/made decisions in the past? is their platform clear enough to understand and specific enough to hold them accountable for?

so far i am:

1a: no
2: yes
3: no
4: no
5: yes
8: no
11: yes

if you want to know how/why i have come to a particular decision, please ask me! i absolutely will tell you clearly. if you have opinions AND thoughts about any of the propositions, please tell me!

- your fellow citizen, who also wants a better future