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When I went to type in the title of this post, as usual I had no idea what to say. Okay, that's not really usual, but it does happen often. That is, when I am writing something which I'm starting in a web browser and not on .pages, I usually don't know exactly where it's going to go. In fact, at this very moment, I know I had some sort of idea in mind for what to write about when I clicked "new post," but it has since floated, unnoticed, right out my ear.

Oh, lookie, that wasn't a boring sentence! Woo!

So, NaNo is coming up. Yay, NaNo! And that explains my above excitement - fasten your seatbelts, because my writing for the next month is going to be SO AWESOME.

I have NO IDEA what I am going to write about. I partly haven't thought much about it because I'm lazy. But I also... I want to see what happens. I was listening to..... hm..... that woman..... on NPR...... Terry something? It's really silly that I can't think of the program, but anyway she interviews people. Haha, I just remembered, because I played the opening ... thing... in my head: "I'm Terry Gross, and this is Fresh Air!"

I always think about how she says "Fresh Air." She always says it in the same, very obviously affected, way. I wonder about how she feels about saying it in this same silly way, everyday. I wonder how it was decided that she should say it just so. I wonder if she'll ever say it any differently, and would be quite disappointed if I missed it.

Anyway. So, Terry was talking to the guy who wrote House of Sand and Fog, and he said that everytime he tries to say something in particular with his writing, every time he tries to force it, it comes out... unnatural. Inorganic (my word). I feel the same way. But plus, uh, 50,000 words is a helluva lot! And I reserve the right to write porn if I can't think of anything else!


P.S. Actually, it wasn't Fresh Air I was listening to. It was KQED's City Arts and Lectures

P.P.S. The OTHER point that got lost as I wrote this - "grass" came up when I accidentally hit "G" on my keyboard (or U, in actuality I hit U, but my computer interpreted it as G, because I'm extrafancy like that), and that is why it is the title of this post. And I will unabashedly blame the pointlessness of this post on that accident of circumstance.

P.P.P.S. Vote! And I really will put up the breakdown of the ballot, promise. Some things are important.


Blank Pages

I'm doing the same thing with this blog that I try to do with my journal - I say to myself, "You can't post that! It's not interesting/long/thoughtful/passionate enough!"

Well, this is what I say to that voice inside my head: Shut up.

*Deep breath*

But no, really, it's too late for me to write anything of substance. I have a class to skip in the morning, and dishes to look at in the sink. Busy busy.

Subjects of upcoming blogs: Hormonal birth control, disability advocacy, duct tape purse, responsible capitalism, and balanced information about the upcoming election (with information specific to the City of Alameda).

Stay tuned (oh all right already, watch something else during the commercials).